We aspire to create spaces that can narrate stories beyond the lines!

Beyond Spaces Design Studio is a young and passionate studio based in Hyderabad that is committed to creating spaces that inspire and are inspired by the stories of its inhabitants, visitors, observers and its designers. We create aesthetic, functional and usable spaces that are memorable and inviting. At the core of what we strive to do is a belief that good design has a crucial role to play in making our everyday experiences into cherished and affectionate memories. This drives us to constantly look for new ways to express ourselves through our designs, always looking for new ways to engage the user through it. With a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of functionality, the studio aims that each of its projects is an embodiment of the design practices that we seek to personify. 

As a young studio, we have dabbled in residential architecture, residence, retail, corporate, and service interiors. The studio handles projects of different natures and provides services from the architecture to the minute details of its interiors and services. The client’s requirements are of paramount importance in the design, and the studio aspires to deliver spaces that demonstrate their needs and ambitions. But more importantly, we would like to deliver spaces that weave themselves into the lives of their inhabitants and visitors alike, creating lasting impressions.

Established by Mounika Kodali in 2019, the studio brings together multiple design disciplines and various interests. Mounika is an architect by training.  After graduating from RV School of Architecture, she has worked with prominent architects in Mumbai, Ahmedabad . Hyderabad and Bangalore, before establishing Beyond Spaces Design Studio. Her experience ranging from architecture, interior and product design has boosted her fascination with spatial design and the intricate detailing that goes into designing a space. Further intrigued by the nuances of space, she is also pursuing a distant master’s degree in architectural lighting design to better understand what role these play in our experience of space.