G Pulla Reddy sweets is a traditional Indian sweet  store  in Hyderabad, a name almost synonymous with ghee sweets in the city. The interior of their new store on a busy street in the city is a contemporary take on the heritage and memories of the brand. 

The  store  is  conceived  as  a  seamless blend of the classic retail arcade display,  with colorful  woodwork  and  a  splash  of greenery create a look that is both contemporary and timeless. 

Inside  the  space,  the  yellow  from  the  logo  is  complemented with a millennial pink, resulting  in  a  classic  yet  trendy  style  that  will  appeal  to people of all age groups. Brass accents further add to the timeless look.

The  store  is bathed in a golden yellow light that highlights the pink and yellow palette creating a warm and comforting interior.  The  combination  of suspended mesh screens and contemporary lighting weaves a continuous narrative across the space. 

Who said a visit to the doctor's clinic has to be dull ?  We worked with various materials,

textures and colour palettes to help us create this professional space to also be one that is relaxing and reassuring !

The approach to the marketing wing of this office was it to be more of a display area, with different zones within the office space, using color pops  and breaks  in  ceiling. A workspace designed and executed entirely with different applications of cement boards - both enriching, and optimising their usage.  

An office cafeteria designed with different shades of comforting brown for a quick recharge. We incorporated different  seating arrangements to make it fun and for maximum utilisation of the space.  

Sometimes, what you need for a startup is not formal rectangular spaces but a bold, bright energy for their young employees to charge on with their day!